1. Usage Keyboard instruments
  1. M Series Product Family
    Wired microphones for live performances, studio applications and broadcast use
  2. TG I53 Stereo-Set
    Matched pair
  3. MC 930
    Small diaphragm true condenser microphone (cardioid)
  4. MC 930 Stereo-Set
    Stereo microphone set
  5. MC 840
    Top class large-diaphragm condenser microphone
  6. M 201 TG
    The classic dynamic, "workhorse stable" microphone for all instrumental applications
  7. MC 950
    Small diaphragm true condenser microphone (supercardioid)
  8. TG I56
    Condenser microphone (cardioid) for accordeons and styrian harmonicas
  9. WS 97
    Wind screen for DT 297, TG I56c/ 57c, TG D57c/ 58c, Opus 82/ 87/ 88

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