The 3D

Our Manufaktur is entering a new dimension with
the 3D configurator. Never before has configuration
been so vivid, so individual, so versatile and so simple. 
In short: Closer to reality than ever before.

MMX 300

In Gaming small things make a big difference. That's why everything should be perfectly coordinated. Make it your game. Make it your gaming headset.

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​​​​​​DT 880

The semi-open hi-fi headphones can now be given a very personal touch. This way a unique music experience can be created.

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DT 990

The open hi-fi headphones can be designed according to your own preferences and thus turned into a personal and handmade unique product.

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Your design
Your style

The really speical thing about our product is our attitude. It makes each of our headphones unique - in all dimensions. From the excellent components to the exclusive manual processing to the excellent sound performance. And with the Manufaktur now also in design:  your masterpiece.


Design your headphones according to your individual ideas



We build it by hand for you, exactly how you would like to have it.



We deliver it to your home in 1-2 weeks and keep you up to date via e-mail.


Nothing is more individual than you. And that's exactly how your headphones should be - unmistakable. Be inspired by our design suggestions.

headphones be returned?

 Unfortunately, they cannot be returned as the headphones have been custom-made according to your requirements. It may be possible to make subsequent changes to your MANUFAKTUR headphones. This is something, however, we need to examine on a case by case basis. Please contact our service department with your request.