beyerdynamic Virtual Studio – Virtual Sound Plug-in you can download for free

At the Prolight + Sound beyerdynamic was presenting it’s free Virtual Studio software plug-in – Inspired by Headzone®, a 5.1 surround device that allows users to simulate various listening spaces and their speaker set-ups using headphones. Whether at home on the sofa or out at different venues – you can take the studio wherever you go. Expensive, time-consuming studio sessions are now a thing of the past.

Every sound professional is familiar with this problem: You have to take a variety of playback scenarios into account when working on new tracks or mixes. When you’re out somewhere or listening on headphones, it can be difficult or impossible to tell how a recording will sound in a different environment, e.g. on studio monitors, on a 5.1 system or in a concert hall. Instead of having to take your notebook to all the different locations, you can now simply use the beyerdynamic Virtual Studio plug-in, or bVS for short. This software plug-in is ideal for all home producers and amateur musicians who record and produce their music at home or on-the-go. For further information and the free download, follow this link…