Synexis TP8

Beltpack Transmitter

The Synexis TP8 beltpack transmitter is used together with the Synexis RP8 beltpack receiver for guided tours or conferences. Transmitter and receiver can also be used for multilingual interpretation applications . The transmitter and receiver can also be used in conjunction with hearing aids. The operation range is approximately 328 ft (100 m) with a line of sight between transmitter and receiver.
The transmitter can be attached to the clothing with the removable belt clip or worn around the neck with a strap. The ergonomic design and the operating elements allow an easy and intuitive operation.
Depending on the application, requirement or preference the user can connect an appropriate microphone to the 4-pin mini XLR connection. With the mute button the microphon can be muted for possible individual agreements. Unintended listening is avoided in this way. An internal switch allows selecting the gain for close or distant miking. An external audio source can be connected to the Aux-In
connection to play standard phrases or music. The OLED display provides a brilliant, easily readable indication of channel, battery status, frequency and channel lock function. With the channel lock function accidental shifting of the selected channel is avoided. The transmitter is powered by two rechargeable NiMH batteries or 1.5 V AA batteries. Due to the integrated charging contacts the rechargeable batteries can remain in the transmitter during charging. The intelligent charging technology automatically switches off the transmitter when charging. The automatic NiMH / Alkaline battery recognition is an essential safety feature and excludes an incorrect operation.

• Ergonomic design
• 18 selectable frequencies
• Channel selector buttons
• Channel lock function
• On/off switch
• LED to display operation or charging status
• OLED display to indicate channel, battery status, frequency and channel lock function
• Mute function for microphone
• Aux-In connection for audio source such as MP3 player, mini stereo jack (3.5 mm)
• Adjustable gain via 3-stage switch (Hi/Mid/Low)
• Microphone connection, 4-pin mini XLR
• Operation with two rechargeable AA NiMH batteries or 1.5 V AA batteries
• Integrated charging contacts
• Intelligent charging technology with auto-off function
• Removable belt clip to attach the transmitter to the clothing
• Can be worn around the neck when using a strap
• Soft-touch surface for pleasant handling
• Automatic NiMH / Alkaline battery recognition

Versatile beltpack transmitter

In addition to a connection for different microphones and headsets the beltpack transmitter is provided with a separate input to connect other audio sources such as music sources or a second transmitter for bidirectional communications.

Audio input (Picture 2)

Via the line-in input on the side of the transmitter any audio source can be connected. For example music of historic original sounds. The connected microphone still has priority making the guided tour more professional.
Accessorie: B7-752 cable

Second transmitter (Picture 3)

For the transmission of a second transmitter (on a different frequency) when interposing questions occur,  it is possible to connect a receiver with the frequency of the second transmitter to the line-in input. In this way it is not necessary to repeat commentaries when guiding groups.
Accessorie: B7-752 cable

Headset operation (Picture 4)

By using a headset you can hear the connected receiver and speak via the transmitter simultaneously. In this way professional applications such as whispered interpretations, monitoring and commentaries for visually impaired people can be realised.
Accessorie: K 190.Synexis cable with DT 280 (# 701599) or 290 (#701610) headset



Architect's Specifications (1.95 MB)


Synexis_TP8_BA_DEF.pdf (209.01 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_Synexis-RP8-TH8-TP8-TS8_EN_EU.pdf (2.66 MB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_Synexis_TP8_EN_A4.pdf (328.78 KB)

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