Synexis TH8

Handheld Transmitter

The Synexis TH2 handheld transmitter is used together with the Synexis RP2 beltpack receiver for guided tours or conferences. Transmitter and receiver can also be used for multilingual interpretation applications. The transmitter and receiver can also be used in conjunction with hearing aids. The operation range is approximately 328 ft (100 m) with a line of sight between transmitter and receiver. The noise-cancelling cardioid microphone effectively eliminates noise. The shock-mounted system ensures a considerable reduction of handling noise. Furthermore, the integrated pop/wind shield ensures optimum intelligibility of speech. The ergonomic design lies comfortably in the hand. All operating elements are within intuitive reach. The functional design avoids accidental rolling away of the handheld transmitter when putting down. The handheld transmitter provides three different mute functions so that individual agreements are possible. Unintended listening is avoided in this way. An internal switch allows selecting the gain for close or distant miking. The transmitter is powered by two rechargeable NiMH batteries or 1.5 V AA batteries. Due to the integrated charging contacts the rechargeable batteries can remain in the transmitter during charging. The intelligent charging technology automatically switches off the transmitter when charging. The automatic NiMH / Alkaline battery recognition is an essential safety feature and excludes an incorrect operation. The OLED display provides a brilliant, easily readable indication of channel, battery status and frequency. The multifunction LED indicates operation or charging status. The transmitter can also be worn around the neck with an optional holding sling.

• Ergonomic design
• 18 selectable frequencies
• Noise-cancelling cardioid microphone with high gain before feedback
• Shock-mounted system
• Integrated pop / wind shield
• OLED display to indicate the channel, battery status and frequency
• Programmable button for mute function
• LED to indicated mute or charging status
• Adjustable gain via 2-stage switch (Hi/Low)
• Integrated antenna
• Channel selector buttons
• On/off switch
• Operation with two rechargeable AA NiMH batteries or 1.5 V AA batteries
• Integrated charging contacts
• Intelligent charging technology with auto-off function
• Can be worn around the neck with the ZUV 85 holding sling
• Soft-touch surface for pleasant handling
• Automatic NiMH / Alkaline battery recognition


Architect's Specifications (1.95 MB)


Synexis_TH8_BA_DEF.pdf (182.52 KB)

Spec Sheet

Synexis_TH8_DB_E.pdf (620.50 KB)

EU Declaration of Conformity

DEC_Synexis-RP8-TH8-TP8-TS8_EN_EU.pdf (2.66 MB)

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