IL 200

Induction neckloop
  • Inductive transmission of audio signals to hearing aids and cochlea implants (CI)
  • Optimal volume and linear frequency response for a better intelligibility of speech
  • For use with beltpack receivers and conference microphone units
  • Connection cable approx. 20 cm [7.87"] long (+ extension approx. 77 cm [30.31"]) with a mini jack plug (3.5 mm)
  • In conjunction with Unite RP receiver and Quinta microphone units compliant to standard DIN EN IEC 60118-4

Retrofit standard-compliant accessibility

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities prescribes the implementation of accessibility – for those hard of hearing too. The Unite digital wireless communication System and the IL 200 induction neck loop enable you to easily provide this in accordance with the DIN EN 60118-4 standard. Whether you are planning a new project or retrofitting, our Unite assistive listening system can be easily integrated – even if the building is listed, as induction loops do not have to be installed.

Induction loop

The IL 200 induction neck loop is an ideal aid for hearing impaired people with hearing aids or cochlea implants to take part in guided tours or events when the wireless Unite system is in use. The IL 200 induction neck loop reliably transmits the received audio signals to the hearing aids. At the beginning of the event the participant has to select the “T” or “MT” position of the hearing aid so that the T-coil inside the hearing aid will receive the electromagnetic field and sound radiated by the IL 200 induction neck loop. With digital hearing aids and cochlea implants (CI) the hearing aid is set via buttons or remote control. With digital hearing aids the appropriate program must be activated by the hearing aid specialist and set to the individual degree of the hearing defects. The participant wears the IL 200 induction neck loop around the neck and connects it directly to the Unite RP beltpack receiver when it is worn around the neck. The connection cable is 20 cm [7.87"] long and has a mini jack plug (3.5 mm). The supplied extension cable with a length of approx. 77 cm [30.31"] allows connecting the induction neck loop to conference microphone units (e.g. Quinta MU) or Unite RP when they are attached to a belt.

Test mobile inductive audio systems

Test Unite and the IL 200  and experience the benefits of the system yourself.

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Architect's Specifications (1.95 MB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_IL200_DE_A2.pdf (215.26 KB)


MAN_IL200_DE-EN_A2.pdf (68.70 KB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_IL200_EN_A2.pdf (214.63 KB)

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