1. Components Transport and Charging
  1. Synexis C30 TR
    Trolley for Synexis C30 charging case
  2. Synexis C30 TE
    Compartment for accessories for Synexis C30
  3. Synexis SG24
    Cabinet 19"/24 U
  4. Synexis T2
    Transport case
  5. Synexis CTH30
    Charging compartment for handheld transmitter
  6. Synexis C30
    Charging & carrying case with 30 slots
  7. Synexis CHP
    Tabletop Charger with two charging compartments for belt pack transmitters/receivers or handheld transmitter
  8. Synexis C20
    Transport and Charging Case
  9. Synexis C10
    19" charger for 10 belt pack receivers / transmitters
  10. Synexis C8
    19" charger for 8 belt pack receivers / transmitters and one handheld transmitter

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