Synexis Set C30 HP, 863/865 MHz

Synexis Set C30 HP for two groups with a maximum of 29 participants


  1x Synexis TH8 handheld transmitter

  1x Synexis TP 8 pocket transmitter

  1x TG H54c neckworn microphone

29x Synexis RP8 beltpack receiver

29x DT 1 0,9 m single-ear headphone

  1x Synexis CTH transport and charging insert for Synexis TH8 (for Synexis C30)

  1x Synexis C30 transport and charging case

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MAN_8xxMHz_System_EN_A5.pdf (2.20 MB)


MAN_8xxMHz_System_DE_A5.pdf (2.20 MB)

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