Quinta RS

Digital Control Unit
  • Optimised for tele / video conferencing applications and small conferences
  • Maximum of 4 microphones in microphone mode and a maximum of 20 microphones in conference mode
  • Safe wireless transmission in three frequency bands: 2.4 / 5.2 / 5.8 GHz
  • Protection against unauthorised listening is guaranteed by using128-bit encryption and a 24-bit PIN-code
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Architect's Specifications

beyerdynamic-Architects-Specifications-2018-03.zip (1.95 MB)

Spec Sheet

DAT_Quinta-RS_EN_.pdf (978.16 KB)


Quinta_System_Update_04-2017.zip (138.85 MB)


MAN_Quinta-QuickStartGuide_DE-EN-FR_A6.pdf (5.88 MB)


Quinta_System_Update_04-2017.zip (138.85 MB)

Planning Aids

PLA_Quinta-RS-PZ-A1_17-04_DE-EN_CAD-drawings_.DWG (2.00 MB)

Planning Aids

PLA_Quinta-RS-PZ-A1_17-04_DE-EN_CAD-drawings_.DXF (5.98 MB)

Planning Aids

PLA_Quinta-RS-PZ-A1_17-04_DE-EN_CAD-drawings_ (192.62 KB)

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