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Wireless Bluetooth® Speakerphone

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  • Easily connect to smartphones or PCs for phone calls via Bluetooth® and USB-Connection
  • Conference calls can be undertaken via voice and video call apps such as Skype
  • Specifally developed Gecko 360° technology with innovative Fix & Follow Voice-Tracking
  • The special arrangement of three capsules in the microphone array ensures clear 360° voice transmission
  • The downwards directed premium loudspeaker radiates sound 360° crystal-clear all over the room
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Whether speaking freely on one-to-one calls and also moving about the room freely or even conducting meetings with several people - for Skype conferences, standard conference calls or simple calls through - to presentations and talks of all types - PHONUM is ideally suited for all types of discussions, meetings and presentations thanks to its highly developed and precise microphone technology and intelligent downfire speaker. Distance is not a problem anymore.


​​​​​​​360° Input Und 
360° Output

Absolute freedom for speaker and listener

Gecko 360° Performance

Three modes voice tracking

Communication is not static, rather often also variable and dynamic. That’s why we developed and integrated GECKO technology, which is fully focused on the type of communication. The GECKO function supports specific spatial requirements.

Gecko Fix Mode

Gecko Fix Mode

For a presentation targeted at one speaker, GECKO FIX mode is ideal. That’s because the voice recording focuses precisely on this fixed location. The advantage of this is that noises or what is spoken by all other people in the room is not recorded by the microphone. All listeners can therefore follow the presentation in quiet comfort.

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Gecko Follow Mode

Gecko Follow ModE

Where communication is directed at people who move about the room freely during the meeting or where only one person is ever to have the floor, then GECKO FOLLOW is the right mode. That’s because the microphones conveniently follow the people in the room in this mode.

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Gecko 360° Mode

Where people are gathered around a table at a meeting and communicate with one another, then GECKO 360° mode is the right choice. What is spoken by all participations in the communication is recorded in this mode.

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360° Downfire Speaker

Phonumenal surround sound when it comes to communication

At first glance it might appear that the loudspeaker is overhead. The microphones are positioned beneath the grille. The speaker is not visible because it is directed downward – and with good reason. It allows sound to be radiated 360° all over the room. PHONUM adapts fully to the people in the meeting room, depending on where they are sitting or moving about at the time. The perception of sound with PHONUM is therefore simply phonumenal.

Touch Panel

User-friendly operation enables a quick
start of a meeting.

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12 Operating

The operating time of 12 hours guarantees uninterrupted meetings. Quick recharging via USB Connection.

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Bluetooth® And USB-Verbindung

Easily connect to smartphones or any other device for phone calls.n.

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Connect your Device

Wireless technology connecting to smartphone or any other device for doing phone calls. Easy set up to fastly start a conference call. USB connection for data transfer and battery recharching.


Fits to your communication style

Meetings can be conducted quickly and easily as audio calls and video calls via smartphone or PC app. Apart from Bluetooth®, PHONUM also has a USB port for data transmission and battery charging.

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Technical Data

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