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  1. Application Portable
  2. Wearing Style In-ear
  1. beyerdynamic Xelento wireless - Tesla in-ear for listening to music on the go - beyerdynamic
    Audiophile Tesla in-ear headset with Bluetooth® connection
  2. beyerdynamic Xelento remote - Tesla in-ear for superlative listening pleasure - beyerdynamic
    Audiophile Tesla in-ear for mobile devices
  3. beyerdynamic Beat Byrd - wired in-ear
    Wired in-ear
  4. beyerdynamic Soul BYRD - Premium in-ear headphones - beyerdynamic
    Wired in-ear headset
  5. beyerdynamic Blue BYRD - Wireless Bluetooth Headphone - beyerdynamic
    Bluetooth® in-ear headset with sound personalization
  6. beyerdynamic Byron BTA - Bluetooth® in-ear headset for Android & Apple - beyerdynamic
    Bluetooth in-ear headset for mobile devices

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