1. Components Accessories
  1. Unite CC Bag
    Accessory bag
  2. beyerdynamic Unite - Unite Manager Software und Firmware
    Unite Software and Firmware
  3. TG H57 tan (TG)
    Condenser Earhook Microphone (Omnidirectional)
  4. TG H34
    Condenser Headset Microphone (supercardioid)
  5. TG H56
    Condenser Headset Microphone (Cardioid)
  6. TG L58
    Condenser clip-on microphone (omnidirectional), waterprotected, for film and theatre applications
  7. TG H74
    Neckworn Condenser Microphone (Supercardioid)
  8. IL 200
    Induction neckloop
  9. DT 2
    Headphone, cable 0.8 m (2.6 ft.) for bodypack receiver

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