Conference Technology


  1. Transmission Type Wireless
  1. Unite Wireless Microphones
    Digital wireless system for speech applications
  2. Quinta Product Family
    Wireless Conference System
  3. TG 1000 Product Family
    Digital wireless system for professional use
  4. TG 500 Product Family
    Wireless System for smaller stage performances
  5. TG 100 Product Family
    Wireless system for beginners
  6. TG Wireless Manager
    Software to monitor and control wireless systems with a network interface
  7. Quinta RS
    Quinta Control Unit
  8. TG 558 Presenter Set
    TG 500 Set with TG500B and Lavalier microphone TG L58
  9. TG 556 Vocal Set
    TG 500 Set with condenser handheld TG 500H-C

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