Conference Technology


  1. Product family Opus 910 Wireless System

  1. TS 910 C
    UHF pocket transmitter for Opus 910 wireless systems, plastic housing, with charging contacts
    Battery-powered operation possible in conjunction with SLG 900 charger (optional available).
  2. RM 510
    Interchangeable microphone head (ribbon, cardioid) for Opus 600 / 900 handheld transmitters
  3. TG H34
    Condenser Headset Microphone (supercardioid)
  4. TG H56
    Condenser Headset Microphone (Omnidirectional)
  5. WA-MC
    Microphone cable
  6. WA-ZAPD1
    passive 2-way antenna combiner
  7. WA-ATDA
    active directional wideband antenna

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