St. Blasien Cathedral Festival, Germany

The wireless Synexis system was used for behind-the-scenes technical directions for the Cathedral Festival in St. Blasien / Germany

The cathedral with the largest dome north of the Alps lies in the Black Forest near the Swiss border - in the small town of St. Blasien. A 51m-wide stage in front of the church was the setting for more than 200 performers in the “Cathedral Storm" spectacle from 14–18 August 2013.

This elaborate production had to be carefully coordinated for everything to come together perfectly. This was achieved by using the beyerdynamic Synexis system as a wireless command system, allowing the central production team to deliver their directions to all the technicians clearly and at the right time, throughout the extensive stage area. Commands were transmitted using the stationary Synexis TS8, and a total of 20 Synexis RP8 receivers were used to coordinate the stage staff.

The wireless Synexis system has many different applications but is mainly used for guided tours, assisted listening and interpreting requirements. However, it is also used as a command system for sports training, training on machines or, as in this case, for all kinds of stage directions.

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