MAIF, France

MAIF is one of the biggest insurance companies in France. The COMIRIS Group has installed beyerdynamic conference systems at their headquarters in Paris.


The boardroom has been equipped with an MCS-Digital conference system with 36 MCS-D 3911 Revoluto build-in delegate units. For their international meetings a wireless interpretation system has been installed with two SIS 1202 interpreter stations and 36 FE 316 pocket receivers. The receivers are stored and charged with the CC 300 charger.

Video Conference Room

The video conference room provides 10 MCS-D 3911 flush-mount Revoluto delegate units. Here Revoluto proves to be ideal: Due to the corridor characteristic of the microphone the participant of the meeting can turn to the camera or other participants or lean back without any loss in audio quality. The programmable multichannel function of the MCS-Digital system allows integrating the system into video conference applications.

Revoluto flush-mount microphone units

beyerdynamic’s flush-mount microphone units permit the symbiosis of technology and furniture. They can be folded down into the table and only raised when needed. The patented Revoluto technology from beyerdynamic enables this entirely new kind of microphoning. Finished in high-class Nextel® “dark black”, the microphone units are ideal for visual integration into table surfaces of the most diverse materials. On demand the microphone units can be produced in a special colour to match with individual furnishing. Communication technology and furniture therefore become one. At MAIF Revoluto is installed in a special colour “white aluminium” (RAL 9006) for Holzmedia tables.Source: Audiopole FranceInstalled by: COMIRISInstallation: September 2009

More information about Revoluto:
You can also find a video clip there hearing Revoluto compared with other microphones in a video conference application

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