Federal Employment Agency, Germany

The Federal Employment Agency performs comprehensive service tasks for the employment and vocational training market in Germany. All over the country, there is an extensive net of employment agencies and committee’s offices. It is the biggest authority in Germany and one of the biggest employers of the Federal State.

At the Federal Employment Agency in Nuremberg / Germany one of the conference rooms was equipped with the beyerdynamic MCS-Digital conference system.

They chose the new MCS-D 3041 microphone unit with a practical foldaway gooseneck microphone. The H version is fitted with a cable connector at the bottom of the housing allowing a discreet installation without visible cable. The existing system was replaced, leaving holes in the tables, plates with the same Nextel® coating as the housing of the microphone units were used to cover the holes.

The main PA system consists of 6 loudspeakers from Fohhn. In order to avoid feedback, the microphone units were divided into four groups and the appropriate audio signals of the groups were separately routed from the audio interface into an audio DSP.

Inside the audio DSP the sound system was adjusted in a way that the microphone units have a lower level in their own zone than the other three groups. This decreased the tendency to feedback considerably and the volume of the conference system could be essentially increased.

Due to the very long cable routes between the control unit and the conference room the voltage supply of the supply units was routed via usual power lines to the bottom inserts and from there applied to the system again. A ring cabling from both sides, powers the microphone units. This allows a high operating reliability of the MCS-Digital system, as the system continues to operate even when a microphone unit is removed. A microphone unit can be replaced or connected additionally during operation and receives all settings automatically.

For international meetings the conference system includes three MCS-D 202 interpretation consoles with DT 394 headsets. With the language selector of the MCS-D 3041 microphone units, the participants of the conference can select the required language and listen via headphone.

A technician’s microphone unit can be used for internal communication between interpreter and chairman microphone unit. Some functions of the control unit are controlled via a Crestron media control system.

Installation: July 2010



  • 1 MCS-D 200 control unit
  • 2 CA 4146 power supply units
  • 1 CA 4566 audio interface
  • ICNS Basic software
  • 65 MCS-D 3041 H delegate microphone units
  • 3 MCS-D 3043 H chairman microphone units
  • 3 MCS-D 202 interpreter consoles
  • 3 DT 394.MCS interpreter headsets
  • 1 MCS-D 2074 technician microphone units


  • Federal Employment Agency in Nuremberg
  • Conference room
  • The new microphone units in the conference room
  • The new microphone units of the MCS-D 30xx series with practical foldaway gooseneck microphone



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