Factory tours with large groups of visitors often become an ordeal. When the noise level in production halls is high, explanations and questions are often not heard.  At the same time the current production and the workers should not be disturbed. The German audio specialist beyerdynamic has developed a new wireless system which allows professional guided tours even under difficult circumstances. The devices are easy to handle by the participants and the versatile transmitters and receivers can be used for many different applications with small or large groups. Factory manager or public relations officer can always rely on superior audio quality.

The system, operating in the licence-free UHF frequency range of 863 to 865 MHz, can be used by a maximum of eight groups simultaneously. Synexis operates reliably in buildings or outside: noise-cancelling microphones avoid picking up and transmitting ambient noise and ensure an optimum intelligibility of speech, independent of the number of participants. Furthermore, this multifunctional system can be used for meetings, interpretation applications, and factory tours or for commands in sports.

Since 1924, beyerdynamic has been known for excellent sound in recording studios and conference rooms. With beyerdynamic you can rely on comfort, flexibility and easy handling of Synexis. The tour guides can address their listeners by using a handheld microphone or a combination of a microphone and beltpack transmitter. When production processes or product details are to be explained in a lively way, ear worn, neck worn or clip-on microphones ensure more freedom of movement. The mute button allows muting the microphone to answer questions.

Receivers worn with a belt-clip or a strap around the neck also leave the hands free for the participants to put down notes or follow assistive literature for information. For visitors with hearing aids the sound can be transmitted directly to the hearing aid via an induction loop.

Sophisticated storage and transport solutions leave more time for the tour guides to relax or prepare for new visitors. Easy-to-clean single-sided headphones are quickly ready for the next group and all devices can be stored for transport in practical cases with carrying straps or casters. All devices can be operated with standard batteries or much cheaper and eco-friendlier with rechargeable batteries. After use, all transmitters and receivers can quickly be prepared for the next application by using a charging cabinet or the handy and stylish transport case with its intelligent charging technology for rechargeable batteries.

For more information about Synexis, please go to www.beyerdynamic.com/synexis 
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