Heilbronn, August 2017: beyerdynamic is pleased to introduce the TG 500, a versatile wireless system that impresses thanks to its outstandingly appealing value for money. The system focuses on modern features and can be used licence-free almost all over the world depending on the frequency band selected. For performances on smaller stages, theatre productions, speeches or presentations – the new beyerdynamic TG 500 wireless system is a genuine all-rounder!

At the heart of every beyerdynamic TG 500 wireless system is an attractively-designed receiver with a durable metal housing and a parametrised front panel. The combination of intuitive operating elements with a backlit LCD display packed with status information (HF/NF level, battery level, transmission frequency, name) makes menu navigation particularly user-friendly. The frequency response of the system ranges from 45 to 15 kilohertz. A balanced XLR output and a balanced jack for each channel are provided as analogue audio ports. The two audio channels of the TG 500 wireless system’s TG 500DR dual receiver can be relayed via a common output if so desired – and thanks to the mixed output, there is no need for an external mixing console.

With the TG 500DR dual receiver, two radio links can be operated reliably at once. The 1-HU device (19” mounting using the rack bracket included) has an integrated power supply and a built-in antenna splitter, which means that only a single antenna pair is needed for both wireless channels rather than separate antenna pairs for each receiver. The double receiver provides the necessary supply voltage (8 volts) to its BNC sockets for the use of remote antenna, such as the WA-ATDA.

The diversity antenna operation guarantees optimum reception for the beyerdynamic TG 500, ensuring that there are no unwanted interruptions in transmission even in challenging environments. Intermodulation-free transmission frequencies in preconfigured groups ensure the TG 500 offers interference-free multi-channel operation. Alternatively, frequencies can be chosen at leisure.
A scan function with automatic search provides assistance for system set-up. The integrated pilot tone function ensures interference-free transmission and gives a warning when the battery power is running low.

With an operating range of up to 120 metres, the beyerdynamic TG 500 allows for substantially greater freedom than comparable systems. The switching bandwidth is up to 40 MHz and, when all four frequency bands are used, up to 72 channels (18 compatible frequencies per band) can easily be operated simultaneously, thus making the TG 500 system suitable even for larger installations. Settings can be transferred between receiver and transmitter quickly and easily via an infrared interface. In Europe the beyerdynamic TG 500 system can be used fee-free and without the need for authorisation in the frequency ranges 823 to 832 MHz (“800” mid-gap) and between 1,785 and 1,805 MHz (“upper mid-gap”).

The recommended retail price for the TG 500DR dual receiver is 599 EUR. The TG 500DR dual receiver is now available for purchase from selected retailers and at www.beyerdynamic.com.

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