Heilbronn, May 2010: No, we are not talking about sports cars with electric drive – although the new T 50 p headphones by Heilbronn-based audio specialists beyerdynamic and the US car marque Tesla Motors have a lot in common. Both are technology leaders with purist design and trimmed by their developers to provide the highest performance. Both also bear the name of the genius inventor and electrical engineer Nikola Tesla (1863 - 1943). 

Under the name of Tesla technology, beyerdynamic has bundled a range of features to improve the sound and increase the efficiency of the headphones. Put simply, the magnetic ‘drive’ of Tesla headphones provides double the performance of conventional models, which is an increase in efficiency that the manufacturers of modern electrical vehicles can only dream about. 

The Tesla technology was first implemented at the end of 2009 in the T 1 - the high end luxury headphone for the domestic stereo system - and was highly lauded among experts. The timeless elegant design of the hand-built T1 from Heilbronn received the prestigious red dot award for 2010. Now, beyerdynamic is putting progress onto the road: the new T 50 p (249 Euro) has been specially configured for the reproduction of sound from MP3 players, notebooks and other mobile devices when out and about. This is because the efficient Tesla converters do not just provide exquisitely precise and detail-rich sound: their degree of efficiency also compensates for the low performance of mobile players. With the T 50 p, devices that often sound too quiet are given a boost in performance that can only be compared with the spontaneous acceleration and overwhelming torque of an electric car. 

The construction details and appearance complement each other perfectly. Whereby other headphones with their plastic chassis give the appearance of a tuned car with spoilers, the T 50 p is an elegant listening machine. Its satin finish stainless steel and aluminium, together with parts made from high-quality plastic give it an exclusive appearance. Well thought-out details make mobile operation a real pleasure, starting with the tough nylon case and going on through the right angle plug that suits every iPhone to include many other features. The comfortable rotating ear casings rest on a spring steel headband that makes a reassuringly sound locking noise – just like the vehicle door of a German top-of-the-range saloon. You can be sure that loose gaps are not a feature of these exceptional “Handmade in Germany” headphones. 

The full metal driver has particular acoustic benefits. Because of its solid casing, any vibration of adjacent components is reduced and it is not possible for resonances that distort the sound to be generated. At the same time, the metal shields the voice coil from electromagnetic fields like a Faraday cage. The special multi-level membrane contributes to the absorption of sound-disrupting break-up vibrations at their origin and the powerful magnet system assures high impulse fidelity in reproduction. The result is a more transparent and fresh sound, with powerful bass that is particularly enjoyable when out and about. The closed design of the headphones shields the wearer from excessive ambient noise and prevents the music from being heard from the outside. 

Thus the T 50 p pays full tribute to its patron Nikola Tesla. But like the electrical cars from the USA, it will not share the same fate as the great inventor Tesla, who was not credited for many ideas and developments until after his death. We see the T 50 p driving ahead of its competitors right from day one.


Available from retailers from June.

Recommended retail price: 249.- Euro


Where to buy:

At qualified retailers and at the beyerdynamic online shop: www.beyerdynamic.de/shop 

Text and images about Tesla technology can be found at: www.beyerdynamic.de/presse/teslatechnologie


T 50 p technical specifications

Transducer type                                   dynamic

Operating principle                              closed

Frequency rage                                   10 – 23 kHz

Impedance                                          32 Ω

Nominal SPL                                        107 dB

Nominal power handling                      100 mW

Max. Sound pressure level                  127 dB

Sound coupling to the ear                   supraaural   

Pressure                                               2.5 N

Length and type of cable                     1.2 m / from both sides

Connection                                           3.5 mm jack plug & adapter 6.35 mm jack plug

Weight without cable                           174 g



About beyerdynamic

The company beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. at Heilbronn in Germany, develops and manufactures high-end audio products of the highest quality for a growing number of customers.

The products of the company, which was founded in 1924, acquired world fame after the Second World War: the E 1000 ribbon microphone was used on the first Beatles tour in 1966. In the 1970s and 80s, international and national musicians and bands, such as Abba, Bob Dylan and Udo Lindenberg were using beyerdynamic equipment. Today too, many international artists are successful with beyerdynamic equipment.

In recent years, beyerdynamic has produced exemplary products and technologies in the area of wireless conference technology. In 1998, the audio specialist introduced the very first wireless conference system. For over 10 years, a wireless digital conference system has made the company the technological leader globally.

To provide a targeted response to its customers’ wishes, beyerdynamic has divided its business into the following divisions: Conference (conference systems), Music & Performance (live microphones, headphones), Broadcast, Studio, Video & Production (studio microphones, professional headsets), Consumer Products (mobile and high end headphones, headsets for PC gaming) and Aviation (headsets for general aviation).

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