Heilbronn, July 2010: Listening to music, relaxing, forgetting the world - no problem at home. But our mobile society is increasingly on the move. At the airport, on the train, in the hotel room, music lovers and movie enthusiasts have to compromise: mobile headphones on the mp3 player just do not sound as good as their stationary counterparts. But now, the Heilbronn audio specialist beyerdynamic is turning over a new leaf in mobile entertainment. The high-end headphone T5p with Tesla technology offers audiophile sound enjoyment - anytime, anywhere and even with low-output portable devices. Each T 5 p headphone is unique and is manufactured by hand in Heilbronn.

Perfection in aluminium and leather
Sophisticated design, high-quality materials and perfect “Made in Germany” workmanship set the T 5 p apart as a special listening device. High quality soft leather headbands and ear pads fit snugly on the user’s head. The closed structure isolates ambient noise and gives moments of peace and quiet in which the music can flow undisturbed. The new sound generators with Tesla technology are held in luxury aluminium holders. Like the tested and critically praised beyerdynamic T 1, it has strong magnetic drive and a sound reproduction free from coloration, and with an extremely low distortion factor.

Tesla Technology
beyerdynamic named its innovative conversion technology after the electrical engineer Nikola Tesla born in 1856, a brilliant inventor and pioneer in modern power supply. And like Tesla, the Heilbronn developers shied at nothing to realise their dream: creating the ultimate mobile headphone. The high magnetic flux density of the Tesla drive is used in the T 5 p for a particularly powerful, energy efficient reproduction. Adapted to the low impedance of 32 Ohms, it draws out significantly more sound quality from devices such as the iPod, iPad, MP3 players or the notebook. The T 5 p accomplishes what was considered impossible in high-end circles: Producing absolute first class mobile sound. This makes this headphone fun right from the very first second.  It is the perfect portable companion for musical escapes on the way to work or while travelling.

Maximum performance at all volumes
The unusually large membrane for a mobile headphone contributes to the superior power. Where compact models with small converters quickly play to the limits of their capacities, the T5p only needs to utilize a fraction of its acoustic reserves. The result is a balanced and detailed sound, free of coloration, even when listening to data compressed music at high volumes. Of course, the T5p is just as suitable for lower volume: it provides fine sound details with the naturalness of a large capacity engine driven in the low speed range.

Travel set for sound enthusiasts
The T5p has a 1.2 meter short connecting cable with an angular 3,5 mm plug for portable players, and a 3 meter extension cable for home Hi-fi and surround systems. An airline adaptor and a 6,35 mm standard stereo adaptor are also included. The T5p comes in a custom-made felt case exclusively made by a hat factory from Bavaria. With the T5p from beyerdynamic, you always have the best sound with you.

The headphone will be shown for the first time at the IFA Exhibition in Berlin from 3 to 8 September 2010 in Hall 3.2, Stand 133.

Available from September 2010 in qualified specialty shops and in the beyerdynamic online shop: www.beyerdynamic.de/shop.

RRP: 890 Euros

T 5 p technical specifications:

Transducer TypeDynamic
Operatin principleClosed
Frequency range5 Hz - 50 kHz
Impendence32 Ohms
Nominal SPL 102 dB (1mW / 500 Hz)
THD   < 0.05% dB (1mW / 500 Hz)
Power handling 300 mW
Max. volume level    126 dB (300mW / 500 Hz)
Sound coupling to the ear  Circumaural
Pressure    2.8 N
Weight without cable   350 g
Cable  1.2 m, dual entry
Connector  3,5 mm stereo jack, gold-plated
Adaptor6.35 mm
Airline adaptor2 x 3.5 mm
Extension cable3 m
Recommended retail price890 Euros

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