In addition to the recording of conferences, with steno-s software it is possible to tag parts of an audio recording by inserting markers. With the help of these markers contributions made by different participants, rulings, comments, questions and files can be flagged. By doing so, all relevant content can be specifically accessed from the structured recording after the conference. Furthermore, files used (e.g. PowerPoint presentations, Excel tables, images etc.) are conveniently integrated into the recording, allowing all conference specifics to be reliably and securely mapped. Data is simply saved to a storage medium or a server in an appropriate local network – thus dispensing with paper filing. Creating a report is also made easier thanks to the targeted access that the software affords – access to specific rulings for example.

With steno-s 4, beyerdynamic presents a completely revised version of their conference and recording software. Equipped with a new user interface, steno-s 4 enables the simultaneous recording of several channels via Windows 7, and thanks to the development of an entirely new programme architecture it is possible to use several MPC 70 USB boundary microphones for recording purposes. Now, in addition to the steno-s CONFERENCE edition for conferences with beyerdynamic conference systems or up to three MPC 70 USB microphones, a special edition designed specifically to meet court requirements is also available – the steno-s COURT.

For more information: www.steno-s.com


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