In-ear headphones from beyerdynamic are good value for money and a sound upgrade for mobile players or smartphones.

Heilbronn, August 2011: Modern smartphones and tablet PCs are normally provided with headphones or headsets at the factory. But these models are weak in sound and can hardly satisfy demanding music friends. This is where beyerdynamic, the German audio specialist, comes into play with the new in-ear models.

With prices of 39 Euro or 49 Euro the DTX 41 iE and the MMX 41 iE headset are not expensive and make iPad, iPhone and others sound a whole lot better. Their high sound pressure level of 114 decibels and the good ambient noise attenuation ensure a powerful and balanced sound especially with devices where the maximum volume is controlled electronically. The strong bass, for example, drives on athletes who prefer in-ear models because they fit perfectly. Both models are supplied with exchangeable earpieces in three different sizes.

The DTX 41 iE is provided with a mini jack plug (3.5 mm) connecting to standard smart phones and MP3 players. The connecting cable (1.2 m) of the MMX 41 iE is also provided with a high-quality microphone for phone calls. At the push of a button phone calls can be received or ended. The 4-pole connector for hands-free talking is compatible to iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, HTC and many other mobile phones. The supplied special clip will attach the sturdy, tension-proof cable to the lapel when requested.

The enclosed cable adapter will connect the jack plug of the MMX 41 iE to the headphone and microphone sockets of a PC or laptop. In this way the headset can also be used with the PC for phoning via Skype or VoiP connections or for playing multimedia networked online games.

Both headphones are available in two colours: Racing Green and Virginia Rose. From middle of September, the DTX 41 iE and the MMX 41 iE headset are available at qualified dealers or directly at www.beyerdynamic.com.


Technical specifications


DTX 41 iE

MMX 41 iE

Transducer type



Frequency response

15 – 20.000 Hz

15 – 20.000 Hz

Sound pressure level

114 dB

114 dB

Nominal impedance

16 ohms

16 ohms





1.2 m

1.2 m


Mini stereo jack plug (3.5 mm) 

Mini stereo jack plug (3.5 mm), 4-pole 


Racing Green
Virginia Rose

Racing Green
Virginia Rose

Recommended retail price

39.00 Euro

49.00 Euro


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About beyerdynamic

With a pioneering spirit and the highest quality in demand, beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG in Heilbronn, Germany develops and produces first-class audio products. Even today, more than 80 years after the foundation of the company, headphones, microphones and conference systems are developed in Germany and mainly manufactured by hand.

With the development of the DT 48 headphone (1937), which, today, is still manufactured according to the same technical principle, the young engineer Eugen Beyer laid the foundations for the company’s success. Later beyerdynamic microphones became famous all over the world: The E 1000 ribbon microphone was used on the first Beatles tour in 1966. More and more international and national musicians and bands like Abba, Bob Dylan or Udo Lindenberg used the equipment of beyerdynamic in the seventies and eighties.

Over the last few years, especially in the field of digital wireless conference systems, the audio specialist developed exemplary products and new technologies. In 1998 beyerdynamic presented the world innovation: the MCW wireless conference system. The unique Revoluto technology ensures the company’s leadership in technology all over the world.

Professional headsets for TV commentators and headsets with digital noise cancellation for pilots and interpretation systems complement the current product range. The most recent references for engineers from Heilbronn include headphones for 5.1 Surround Sound (Headzone), high-end headphones with innovative Tesla technology (T 1, T 50 p, T 5, T 70, T 70 p) and headsets with the patented EarPatron hearing protection technology. With the beyerdynamic MANUFAKTUR the traditional company relies on custom-made design and underlines its position as a premium manufacturer.