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Smart sound for your smartphone: Two new
in-ear headphones from beyerdynamic combine top quality sound with sophisticated features

Heilbronn/Germany, July 2014: Hear and be heard perfectly. The new iDX series in-ear headsets are engineered for exactly that. beyerdynamic has used all of its 90 years of experience in audio development to improve the sound experience provided by your smartphone and tablet. Whether you choose the iDX 120 iE or the iDX 160 iE, you will not only be immersed in flawless hi-fi sound, but you will also be able to make calls, skype and play online games, with exceptional audio fidelity , using the premium-quality hands-free microphone integrated into the cable.

Sophisticated technology

The new headphones have been developed in Germany, as is the case for all products from the audio specialists from Heilbronn. The iDX 120 iE and iDX 160 iE headphones offer the same sound quality as the DX 120 iE and DX 160 iE in-ear headphones launched at the beginning of this year. The bass reproduction of the new series has dramatically improved in comparison to earlier models, whereby the iDX 120 iE/DX 120 iE leaves more room for the low notes. The top model iDX 160 iE/DX 160 iE, with its enhanced frequency response, sounds balanced and bright due to its ability to reproduce sounds from the treble range in even finer detail.

Both headsets, iDX 120 iE and iDX 160 iE, have a practical remote control integrated into the cable, enabling you to control music playback on your smartphone or tablet; for fast-forwarding and rewinding, as well as skipping from track to track, while music is playing. If someone calls, all you have to do is press the button to take the call – whether you have an Android or Windows smartphone or an iPhone. The headphones are Apple-certified, so you can control the volume while enjoying its reliable performance with your iPod, iPhone and iPad models.

Perfect fit

Optimal sound, especially in the bass range, can only be achieved by having the perfect fit. For this reason, the models are supplied with silicone eartips in five different sizes, ensuring the right attachment for every ear. The models are also supplied with two pairs of flange eartips with soft plastic ribs that ensure a comfortable and secure fit in your ear without excessive pressure. The iDX 160 iE features a pair of memory foam eartips from the leading manufacturer Comply™. They adapt to the shape of your ear canal and form a comfortable and reliable seal; keeping unwanted ambient noise out and guaranteeing undisturbed music enjoyment.

Sophisticated design

Like the standard DX series, the iDX models are equipped with a new, flat connecting cable. It is less prone to tangling than conventional cables with a round cross-section. Thanks to its slightly stiff design, the cable unfolds almost by itself when the headphones are taken out of a bag or pocket. The cable just below the right-hand earphone is noticeably thicker, so that improper earpiece placement is a thing of the past.

The high-quality workmanship and an elegant design emphasise the premium character of both headset models. The full metal enclosure made from anodised aluminium is robust and durable. For protection during transport, the iDX 120 iE has a convenient soft case, while the iDX 160 iE rests in a sturdy hard case with a zip fastener. And if anything should go missing, that is not a problem: all components are available as spare parts, from the carry case, to the ear tips and interchangeable extension cables. This makes the in-ear headsets a good investment that will continue to pay off well over the long term.

beyerdynamic will be presenting the iDX 120 iE and iDX 160 iE from 5 - 10 September 2014 at the IFA audio show in Berlin (hall 1.2, stand N 203). The headhpones will be available for purchase from specialist retailers and the manufacturer’s website www.beyerdynamic.com, starting mid August.

          Retail prices

DX 120 iE
DX 160iENEW iDX 120 iENEW iDX 160 iE

79 EUR / $109

99 EUR / $145

99 EUR / $139

119 EUR / $165

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