Heilbronn, May 2015: In 2006 beyerdynamic presented the first microphone with the patented Revoluto technology. This technology with microphone capsules in a horizontal array was revolutionary and enabled completely new designs and more freedom of movement for the speaker and participants of a meeting.

At the InfoComm in Orlando beyerdynamic now presents the newly developed vertical array microphone. Due to the vertical array, a horizontal corridor characteristic is created (horizontally cardioid, vertically lobar). This gives the speaker even more freedom of movement to the left and right. It is also possible that two participants share one microphone or that at video conferences several people are recorded. Due to the vertical lobar polar pattern the gain before feedback is optimised for ceiling systems.

The new Revoluto microphones of the Classis RM 30/31 series are offered as installed sound microphones and for microphone units of the Orbis conference system. The microphones are produced in Germany and have already been awarded the RedDot Design Award 2015.

Both variants make optimum use of the benefits of the Revoluto technology and products with horizontal or vertical array can be used depending on the request for design, room acoustics and PA system. In this way different situations and customer requests can be met.

More Information: www.beyerdynamic.com/revoluto

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