Orgatec October 26th to 30th, 2010
Hall 10.1 Booth G 068


At the Orgatec in Cologne beyerdynamic will demonstrate how state-of-the-art microphone technology can be integrated into conference furniture and how the best sound for video conferences will be made possible.


Revoluto built-in microphones for integration into conference furniture

Those, who plan conference rooms today, ideally integrate the required communication and presentation technology into the room and furniture. The new built-in microphone units of the MCS-Digital conference system can be folded away into the table and can be opened when needed. This is enabled by the patented Revoluto technology, which does not need a gooseneck microphone. With the classic Nextel® finish in dark black, the microphone units integrate visually into tabletops of different materials. If required, the visible cover plate can be produced in the same colour as the tabletop or provided with an appropriate veneer from the furniture manufacturer. This allows individual and discreet solutions.


Stegos wireless boundary microphone for video conferences

In order to save time and travelling expenses, video conferences become more and more important. But to make sure that each word in an important video conference is actually understood by the participants at the other end, they must rely on a high audio quality. Innovative microphone solutions from beyerdynamic provide the speakers with additional comfort. At the Orgatec in Cologne beyerdynamic will present the new wireless Stegos boundary microphone and demonstrate how a reliable plug and play solution will look, that can easily be connected to all standard video conference systems.

For more information, please visit www.beyerdynamic.com/conference



  • Individual possibilities with the Revoluto built-in microphones of the new MCS-D 38xx series
  • Stegos wireless boundary microphone
  • Video conference with the new wireless Stegos boundary microphone

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