The best of both worlds: The new beyerdynamic HS 800 Digital combines feedback and feedforward ANR.

Heilbronn, April 2011: The German audio company beyerdynamic presents at the AERO 2011 with the HS 800 Digital a new-class Aviation Headset. The HS 800 Digital uses a newly developed DANR (Digital Adaptive Noise Reduction) which combines the advantages of feedback and feedforward ANR for the first time in a digital system.

ANR headsets use conventional analogue feedback filter so far, because these suppress wideband interference signals with high reaction speed. System-related disadvantages, such as the background noise and the limited capacity for complex sounds were accepted. Feedforward digital control was introduced by the beyerdynamic HS 600 DANR. Adaptability to high-precision frequency peaks was thus possible. Now for the first time the HS 800 Digital combines feedback and feedforward ANR combining the benefits. The result is a new generation of active noise-cancelling setting a benchmark!

In addition to the noise attenuation the wearing comfort is a particularly important criterion for pilots. Here beyerdynamic has made no compromises with the HS 800 Digital: All cushions are upholstered in soft leather. The ear padding is viscoelastic, which distributes the already pleasant moderate pressure evenly. The head cushion protects the fontanel with its shape. At this particularly sensitive location, where the two skull halves meet, already low pressure leads to short-term pain.

Besides the impressive technology and comfort, the HS 800 Digital convinces by its quality and appearance. The housing shells in carbon design and anodized aluminium parts make the value of this “made in Germany” Headsets visible.

The HS 800 Digital is now available in three versions. In addition to the version with the two classic jack plugs, there is the HS 800 Digital Rotor with spiral cable and U-174 / U jack plug for helicopters. The HS 800 Digital 6pin has a six pin Lemo connector, which – beside the microphone and stereo headphones signal - provides the electrical system voltage to get along without batteries.

The HS 800 Digital is from now on available from qualified retailers and directly from the manufacturer: www.beyerdynamic.com

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