Pilot Headsets for the highest Demands

Heilbronn, 13th July 2010: At the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh/USA the German
audio specialist beyerdynamic will present the two headsets of the new HS
400 series for the first time. In August at the Tannkosh Fly-In in
Tannheim/Germany beyerdynamic will hold the European presentation of
these headsets at its exhibition pavilion.
The HS 400 Signum is to live up to the market success of the HS 300
Individual, which will be discontinued at the end of August. While the HS 400
Signum is the standard version with double jack plugs, the HS 400 Rotor is the
helicopter version with a coiled cable and a single U-174/U jack plug. The HS
400 have been designed as premium headsets with passive noise attenuation.
Online polls, market research at exhibitions and last but not least the direct
contact to pilots at several beyerdynamic flight tours had an impact on the
customer requirement specification for the new premium HS 400 headset
series. The customers for one requested a smaller audio box to connect a
music player, mobile phone or iPhone. The new audio box comes with two
volume controls (left/right) and an LED to display the remaining capacity of the
two AA batteries or rechargeable batteries. The look of the two HS 400
models reminds of high-quality active headsets. The most comfortable soft
skin ear seals with viscoelastic filling of the HS 400 are taken from the active
HS 600 DANR. The ear cups come in a silver metallic surface. Customised
versions of the HS 400 can be ordered within the online MANUFAKTUR,
located at www.beyerdynamic.com/aviation, where different colours and a
laser engravement for personalisation are available. As with all Aviation
headsets beyerdynamic also ensures a five-year warranty for the HS 400
Signum / Rotor. With a recommended retail price of 289 Euro including VAT,
beyerdynamic provides with the HS 400 Signum a great headset “Made in
Germany”. The new headsets HS 400 Signum and HS 400 Rotor can be
purchased at the beyerdynamic online shop at www.beyerdynamic.com or at
selected dealers.

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