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beyerdynamic Upgrades Its DTX/MMX Series of In-ear Headphones: Proven Great Sound Meets Contemporary Style

Heilbronn/Germany, April 2014: The DTX/MMX series has been a popular choice in beyerdynamic’s range of in-ear headphones for more than three years. Now the audio specialist from Heilbronn, Germany, is giving this successful model a state-of-the-art makeover. After all, things are known to progress a lot faster in the world of smartphones and tablet PCs than in other areas of entertainment electronics. White is once again the in vogue colour for accessories and more people than ever are using mobile devices to listen to music on the go.

The new generation of models keeps pace with this development – and offers more than just an attractive exterior: beyerdynamic has equipped the DTX 72 iE and the DTX 102 iE, as well as the MMX 102 iE multimedia headset, with a softer, more flexible connection cable. It’s less likely to get tangled and can be quickly stored in the new artificial leather case with a snap seal for transportation. Because the cable is less sensitive to friction on clothing and transmits less mechanical vibration to the user’s ears, the 2014 model of the headphones is also ideal for sports. Silicone ear moulds in three different sizes ensure a secure fit and comfortable wear.

The DTX 102 iE headphones and the MMX 102 iE multimedia headset are available not only in the classic black/silver colour scheme, but also in a light-coloured version. It combines the aluminium body with white accents and goes perfectly with all smartphones and tablet PCs of the same colour, such as those from Apple or Samsung. The DTX 102 iE is also available in black/red.

Gamers and smartphone owners will also benefit from the multimedia headset in this new line-up: the MMX 102 iE combines the acoustic advantages of the DTX 102 iE headphones with a high-quality hands-free microphone and a remote control in the cable for accepting and ending calls. The included adapter (VoIP) allows it to be used at a PC, for example to make Skype calls or simply to play online games with multimedia networks.

The DTX 102 iE and MMX 102 iE are now available, and the DTX 72 iE will be available as of May 2014; all models are available for purchase from select retailers or directly from the manufacturer at www.beyerdynamic.com.


DTX 72 iEDTX 102 iEMMX 102 iE
Retail Prices59 EUR /79 EUR /89 EUR /
$ 99$ 129$ 139

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