It was the first installation of the new, fifth generation wireless conference system Quinta in Vietnam.

beyerdynamic is a world-class manufacturer based in Germany with over 88 years of experience in the audio industry. The product range comprises microphones, audio headsets, microphone headsets for TV commentators as well as conference and interpreter systems.

The future-proof Quinta system ensures an interference-free and secure transmission in three available frequency band (2.4/ 5.2/ 5.8 GHz). A switching of the channels is either automatically or manually, in any case absolutely silently. The system can be integrated into an existing or new building computer networks that comply the IEEE 802.1 IT standard (AVB). The numerous functions with which the meeting can be controlled, include the simple operation and configuration via Smartphone or tablet PC.

For the chairman, delegate and double delegate microphone units there are gooseneck microphones with XLR connector in four different lengths available. The solid housing and the robust, scratch-resistant paint give the microphone units a high-quality look. In short with Quinta beyerdynamic emphasizes its high quality “Made in Germany”.

The TLSC, which was established in 2004, is currently the official partner and distributor of conference technology for beyerdynamic in Vietnam.