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Products you can count on: beyerdynamic presents the new look DT 1350 Tesla headphones and the new DT 1350 CC version with coiled cable 

Heilbronn, April 2013: Whether in the studio or on stage, sound technicians, broadcasters, musicians and DJs all need the same thing: completely reliable technology. But the new DT 1350 and DT 1350 CC professional Tesla headphones prove that sound and comfort don’t have to go by the wayside.
Thanks to beyerdynamic’s own Tesla technology, these professional headphones provide impressive sound performance in any working environment, along with a more comfortable fit for even the longest listening sessions. Professional-quality workmanship ensures a long service life, making the DT 1350 and 1350 CC good long term investments.

The new DT 1350 – more reliable than ever

The DT 1350 Tesla headphones were introduced two years ago as the first professional Tesla headphones on the market, and have since garnered praise from numerous experts. beyerdynamic engineers have carefully optimized the design of the DT 1350 to offer even more practical advantages. In the new DT 1350, the proven durability of the housing with its 90° rotating ear shells has been enhanced with optimized components for demanding applications. Parts including the headband padding which are subject to high stress can now easily be replaced by the user to ensure uninterrupted use of the headphones. The DT 1350 was designed with a relatively high contact pressure to ensure optimum sound insulation even in loud environments. The ear cushions of the new DT 1350 have been expanded from 63 to 67 mm to better distribute the pressure of the supra-aural earphones and provide a more comfortable fit. 

Softskin cushions are fitted as standard but these can be replaced with an optional artificial nubuck leather type, which provides added comfort and delivers slightly lower ambient noise isolation.

To ensure that the DT 1350 is securely connected to the source, this model features an elongated 1.5 m connection cable with extremely durable polyurethane sheathing to protect it from being crushed, e.g. if a case is accidentally closed on it during transport. The optional DT-Extension studio-quality 3 m extension cable with a combined 3.5/6.3 mm jack plug and the same heavy-duty polyurethane sheathing is also available. The extension with a 3.5 mm stereo jack socket is threaded for a completely secure connection to the cable or the plug of the headphones.

DT 1350 CC – The flexible alternative

Every application has its own individual requirements - in certain situations, a straight cable isn’t always the best fit. Either it’s too short and limits your movement, or it’s too long and gets in the way. beyerdynamic offers an alternative for just these situations: the DT 1350 CC. The “CC” in the name stands for “coiled cable”. With a resting length of 1.5 meters and an extended length of approx. 3 meters, the DT 1350 CC’s expand the users’ operating range without posing a tripping hazard when working closer to their equipment.

Tesla – the new synonym for top-quality sound

The Tesla driver technology developed by beyerdynamic has an excellent reputation both in professional circles and among hi-fi users. This reputation is founded on top-quality technology that was “Made in Germany”. The fully redesigned Tesla sound transducers feature an innovative system layout to provide a magnetic flux with virtually no energy loss. In conventional dynamic  systems, the magnet is located in the center, which limits its maximum size. In the Tesla design, a ring-shaped magnet is placed around the coil. The result is that more energy is sent where it’s needed: right into the air gap around the voice coil. There’s no magnetic core behind the center of the membrane to block the sound components that are radiated backwards. The music can breathe more freely, like the voice of a musician standing in the middle of the studio or on a large stage, instead of singing right into a wall. Exceptionally warp-resistant multi-layer sandwich membranes for effective suppression of break-up vibrations and distortion are the finishing touch on the Tesla driver. Another special feature of the Tesla earphones is the entirely metal system design. This prevents parts of the housing from vibrating uncontrollably and distorting the sound. The metal also effectively shields the structure from electrical interference fields.

The result is a highly accurate, natural sound without disruptive distortion or resonances, as well as an incredibly high level of efficiency. Even the smallest sound problem in the studio or performance area can be detected and immediately fixed. With a maximum sound pressure of 129 dB, the DT 1350 and DT 1350 CC deliver an output to cope with even the loudest of venues – for health reasons, exposure to excessively loud noise for long periods of time is not recommended. But the advantages of the highly efficient Tesla technology are clear, even at low volumes. With its fine dynamic qualities, the DT 1350 and DT 1350 CC reveal the most subtle acoustic details, enabling sound engineers to create perfect mixes that even the most demanding music lovers will appreciate.

Both the acoustic and the mechanical qualities of the DT 1350 and DT 1350 CC, combined with their light-weight and compact dimensions, make them the perfect all-rounders for professionals.

Both are available from specialist retailers as of mid-June.

Touch it, hear it, love it – the DT 1350 and DT 1350 CC at Prolight + Sound

Prolight + Sound, held in Frankfurt from April 10-13, 2013, offers a great opportunity to discovery the qualities of the new DT 1350 and DT 1350 CC headphones: beyerdynamic, Hall 8.0, Stand J21 

An overview: Features of the new DT 1350 and DT 1350 CC

  • Optionally available with a coiled cable (DT 1350 CC) for more freedom and flexibility while working
  • High-performance components which are optimized for demanding applications 
  • Cable with polyurethane (PUR) sheathing for extreme durability
  • Easy-to-replace headband padding 
  • Larger ear cushions (increased from 63 mm to 67 mm) for a more comfortable fit
  • Optional artificial nubuck leather ear cushions available, EDT 1350 N
  • Optional DT-Extension 3.0 m studio-quality extension cable with polyurethane sheathing and a 3.5 mm threaded connector with a 6.35 mm threaded adapter

Specifications DT 1350 / DT 1350 CC

Transducer type Dynamic
Operating principle Closed
Frequency response:        5 – 30.000 Hz
Nominal impedance:80 Ohm
Sound pressure level:109 dB (1 mW / 500 Hz)
Max. SPL:129 dB (100 mW / 500 Hz)
T.H.D.:< 0,2% (1 mW / 500 Hz)
Power handling capacity100 mW
Ambient noise attenuation:ca. 23 dBA
Sound coupling to the ear:Supraaural
Nominal headband pressure:ca. 5,5 N
Weight without cabele:174 g
Length and type of cable: 


DT 13501.5 m (4.92 ft)/ straight / single-sided
DT 1350 CC2.5 m (8.2 ft)/ coiled / single-sided

Mini stereo jack plug (3.5 mm) 
with 1/4" adapter (6,35 mm), 
incl. In-flight adapter 2 x mini jack plug

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