Between 02/06 and 17/06/2015, beyerdynamic’s partner Tico Digital Group, a very influential distributor and service provider in Chinese Pro-AV industry, visited four cities as part of their roadshow: Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Guangzhou.

In addition to product presentations, a wide range of topics were discussed. Tony Cai (Product Engineer) gave a speech on the topic of choosing a suitable conference system.

The focus lay on the new expansion of the product lines Quinta, the wireless conference system, and Orbis, the digital, wired conference system. TICO Digital Group described the safety and functionality of the Orbis conference system as well as its elegant design and discreet integration into high-quality furnishings. Particular emphasis was given to the different microphone units and the high flexibility afforded by the vertical microphone array with patented Revoluto technology. The vertical arrangement creates a horizontal corridor effect, which allows for maximum freedom of movement to the right and left without a decrease in volume. Thanks to its voice reception zone, two people can share one microphone. The Quinta presentation was focussed on the Quinta handheld transmitter and the microphone units with voting function.  

As part of a microphone comparison, visitors were invited to interact with different microphones and gain user experience. They were able to test the sound quality of the Classis GM 305S, Classis GM 304, Classis BM34 with BMR, MPC 65 and MPR 210.

Annie Zhou (Product Manager) gave a speech about the “ZHITUO” system, which combines high-quality sound with excellent user-friendliness. “ZHITUO” is compatible with gooseneck microphones, with boundary microphones, microphones with Revoluto technology and many other types.

Over 600 visitors took advantage of Tico Digital Group’s offer.


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