The MMX 300 with a New Look and Feel: beyerdynamic Makes the Ultimate Gaming Headset Even Better

Heilbronn/Germany, October 2012: The MMX 300 premium headset is in a league of its own. When gamers and multimedia fans want the highest quality in terms of sound, performance and comfort, they turn to this high-end product from beyerdynamic. The large number of positive test results and the MMX 300’s status as a point of reference among industry experts testify to its high quality.

But it gets even better with the new 2012 version of the MMX 300. The audio specialists from Heilbronn, Germany, have given their premium model a makeover and optimised numerous features. Decorative rings and yokes made of black anodised aluminium along with black velour ear pads add still more professional touches to the ear cups’ sleek carbon design. You can tell just by looking: This headset is a born winner.

The new headband was designed by beyerdynamic’s expert development team. The push-buttons on the top make it simple to clean and easy to replace. The 2.5 meter connection cable is made of  rugged polyurethane material. It lies smoothly without getting tangled, and can handle even rough treatment – for example if the wire ends up under the wheels of a desk chair in the heat of an online battle.

The professional screw-locking jack plugs and a 3.5 to 6.35 mm jack socket adapter mean that you can use this high-end headset anywhere. Symbols and the coloured insulating rings on the microphone and headphone jack plugs make it easier to connect them to your PC.

The new model features the same amazing sound quality as the previous version. Essentially, the MMX 300 combines the qualities of hi-fi headphones with cockpit-tested headsets developed for private aviation. For example, the European Space Agency (ESA) uses the MMX 300’s professional equivalent, the HS 800 Digital, to train astronauts. The closed design reduces ambient noise by 18 decibels. This high level of noise attenuation is an invaluable advantage at LAN parties.

The MMX300 features a condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern for extraordinarily effective noise compensation. It reliably cancels out interfering outside noise so the people you’re talking to only hear what you want them to. At the same time, the sound quality is so high that the microphone capsule is technically suitable for recording music.

As always, individualists can design their own customised MMX 300s down to the last details in the one-of-a-kind beyerdynamic MANUFAKTUR portal (www.beyerdynamic.com/manufaktur). New options include a 600 ohm version that teases out the last ounce of sound quality from especially powerful sound cards or home hi-fi systems, as well as gel ear pads like those used in aviation.

With these updates, the MMX 300 will continue to set the standard for multimedia headsets – whether for gaming, Skyping on your PC, or for relaxed music sessions. The new MMX 300 will be available for purchase from specialist retailers or at www.beyerdynamic.com starting in November.

Technical specifications


Transducer typedynamic
Operating principleclosed

Frequency response

5 - 30.000 Hz

Nominal impedance

32 ohms per system
Nominal SPL96 dB
T.H.D.< 0,2%
Sound coupling to the earcirumaural
Power handling capacity100 mW
Ambient noise attenuationapprox. 18 dBA
Headband pressureapprox. 3.5 N
Weight (with microphone and cable)380 g
Length and type of cable2.5 m, straight cable
Connectiongold plated stereo jack plug (3.5 mm)
and ¼” adapter (6.35 mm)



Transducer Typecondenser (back electret) 
Operating principlepressure gradient
Polar patterncardioid

Frequency response  

30 - 18.000 Hz
Max. SPL120 dB
T.H.D.< 0,2% at f = 1 kHz
Length microphone boomapprox. 150 mm
Capsule diameter13 mm
gold vaporised mini stereo jack plug (3.5 mm)
Recommended retail price
299 Euro

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Number of lines: 97

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