In social life there are many obstacles for people who are hard of hearing -  they fear to miss something or to get something wrong in conversations. Therefore, most of them avoid conversations and feel excluded. Problems, however, will occur even with a good hearing aid: filtering the right voice from multiple sounds and to differentiate speech or singing from noise can spoil going to church on Sunday. Now beyerdynamic, the experienced audio specialist, can help people with restricted hearing. Synexis, the comfortable wireless system allows for unrestricted hearing in churches, theatres or schools. Since 1924 beyerdynamic has been a synonym for the best sound and today belongs to the world’s leading suppliers of conference products.

With Synexis people who are hard of hearing can sit anywhere in a church and enjoy a service free from disturbing noise. Whether musical or verbal contributions, Synexis will always amplify them acoustically. The signal from an altar microphone for example will be routed to the stationary Synexis transmitter. The church goers will receive the audio with a beltpack receiver and a single-sided headphone or with their hearing aid and a handy induction loop, which is worn around the neck like a necklace transmitting the signal to the hearing aid. With this solution there is no need to install induction loops in the floor reducing the installation expense of the organiser considerably. The receiver is provided with a volume control for individual and comfortable setting. Independent from the number of users, Synexis reliably ensures an optimum speech and sound intelligibility.

Synexis, which is also used as a tour guide system, for meetings, factory tours or for commands in sport, operates in the licence-free UHF frequency range of 863 to 865 MHz. The single-sided headphones and the beltpack receivers can be operated with standard batteries or much cheaper and eco-friendlier with rechargeable batteries. The tabletop charger, charging case or charging cabinet are also used as storage place for the whole system. The beltpack receivers can be charged with them for the next use without having to change the rechargeable battery.

For more information about Synexis, please go to www.beyerdynamic.com/synexis

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