beyerdynamic Virtual Studio (bVS) – Inspired by Headzone®

beyerdynamic offers Virtual Studio sound Plug-in you can download for free

Heilbronn, April 2013: At the Prolight + Sound beyerdynamic, the audio specialist from Heilbronn in Germany, will be presenting it’s free Virtual Studio software plug-in – Inspired by Headzone®, a 5.1 surround device that allows users to simulate various listening spaces and their speaker set-ups using headphones. Whether at home on the sofa or out at different venues – you can take the studio wherever you go. Expensive, time-consuming studio sessions are now a thing of the past.

Software to get you in the studio or on location

Every sound professional is familiar with this problem: You have to take a variety of playback scenarios into account when working on new tracks or mixes. When you’re out somewhere or listening on headphones, it can be difficult or impossible to tell how a recording will sound in a different environment, e.g. on studio monitors, on a 5.1 system or in a concert hall. Instead of having to take your notebook to all the different locations, you can now simply use the beyerdynamic Virtual Studio plug-in, or bVS for short. This software plug-in is ideal for all home producers and amateur musicians who record and produce their music at home or on-the-go. And the best part is: you can download bVS for free!

beyerdynamic Virtual Studio – Inspired by Headzone® is compatible with the most common music programs on Mac OS X and Windows, including Magix Samplitude, Steinberg Cubase, Apple Logic , etc.

Inspired by Headzone® – beyerdynamic’s expertise in natural ambient sound on headphones

bVS was developed by beyerdynamic in cooperation with the ITA Aachen (Institute of Technical Acoustics), Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg and the HOFA studios especially for reference monitor applications. It is based on Headzone®, a revolutionary concept that makes headphones sound like real studio speakers. Taking this concept even further, the bVS plug-in virtually simulates real speaker systems (stereo, 5.1, etc.) in the appropriate environments (a sound studio, concert hall, etc.) on a pair of headphones. beyerdynamic’s sound engineers have made what could be called “acoustic photos” of various speaker systems in different environments, which can be simulated realistically on a pair of headphones using bVS.

The bVS plug-in can be used as the final effect in the mastering process of music software and uses impulse responses based on the principle of convolution to calculate how an audio track or signal would sound on a given speaker, in an ideal position in a certain environment.

beyerdynamic Virtual Studio – Inspired by Headzone® will be available as a free download as of April 10, 2013:

Experience bVS at Prolight + Sound

Prolight + Sound, held in Frankfurt from April 10-13, 2013, offers a great opportunity to experience the bVS plug-in: beyerdynamic, Hall 8.0, Stand J21

System requirements for the bVS plug-in Operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows 32/64-bit (XP/Vista/7), Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • Available hard drive space: 5 MB

Music programs currently supported:
On Windows:
- Steinberg Cubase
- Ableton Live
- Magix Samplitude

On Mac OSX:
- Apple Logic
- Garage Band
- Steinberg Cubase
- Apple Final Cut

bVS-Landingpage: http://www.beyerdynamic.com/virtual-studio

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