With Votum beyerdynamic introduces a cost-effective, reliable system for parliamentary voting. It has been developed for stand-alone operation, but can also be used in parallel with any conference system such as beyerdynamic MCS 20 or MCS 50. In combination with the MCS-Digital conference system, it can increase the number of delegates who are entitled to vote in addition to the conference participants.

The terminal devices are powered via standard PoE network switches. Standard Cat5 patch cables are used to reduce the installation and investment costs to a minimum. The star topology cabling ensures maximum operation reliability.

The supplied Votum software is used for controlling the system and triggering votes with different options, an interface to the ICNS software of the MCS-Digital conference system allows the combination of networked technology and best possible speech intelligibility even in large installations.

The voting results can be displayed on external video screens or projectors and stored in a database with the Votum Software.


Votum KL
3-button built-in keypad, horizontal design, for permanent installation into tables, RJ45 socket, PoE support. Elegant silver rim, black acrylic glass panel. Backlit voting buttons.

Votum voting software
Votum configuration and voting software for PC (Windows XP and
Windows 7 compatible). Stand-alone usage to set up the system and
triggering votes. Configurable synoptic surface. Separate screens to
display the results on hall screens/video projectors.

For more information: www.beyerdynamic.com/votum

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Votum KL