beyerdynamic lets users design new headphones on my-headphone.com

Over 2.000 user-generated designs after just 2 weeks.

Heilbronn/Germany, September 27, 2013: In the world's first crowdsourcing design competition for headphones, beyerdynamic lets consumers get involved - and gives the community the vote. Since September 6, anyone can design an individual version of the CUSTOM ONE PRO model and officially enter it in the my-headphone.com competition. Users can also give their design a name and explain, how they came up with the design.

After just 2 weeks, over 2.000 designs have already been uploaded by users around the world, "Cat Killer", "Beyer Monkey", "Broken Heart" and "The Seaman" are just four among many.

But beyerdynamic doesn't judge the proposals. It is solely up to the online community to decide which design will make its way from the virtual world to the ears of music fans. At the end of 2013, beyerdynamic will start selling the CUSTOM ONE PRO model with the winning design as a special edition. The designer of the winning headphones will receive 1.000 Euros and a pair of his or her headphones.

Designs can still be uploaded until October 18. The configurator is so intuitive that anyone can create a cool design with no prior knowledge in less than 5 minutes. Votes will be counted until November 1 and the winner design will be published on November 10.

www.my-headphone.com or to participate or vote for headphone designs. Further information about beyerdynamic at beyerdynamic.com

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