Heilbronn/Germany May 2012/TH: Customization is a buzzword in the web 2.0 era. With more and more consumers becoming eager to individualize virtually anything, we are living in a world of constantly changing trends. However, for whatever particular reason, it seems this megatrend has not yet hit the headphone market. This is set to change, thanks to German headphone specialist beyerdynamic.

Brand new for 2012, the CUSTOM headphone series from beyerdynamic is one-of-a-kind, as it allows users to redesign and re-engineer their headphones at any time, making them the perfect match for whatever the situation or their mood demands.

With the new Custom Sound System, consumers can easily adapt the audio profile of the headphones to their personal taste - or to the music they are listening to. There are four completely different profiles to choose from, ranging in style from analytical to hip hop. “CUSTOM has probably the most powerful yet clearest bass of any headphone currently out there. But you always have the possibility to regulate its intensity.” says Wolfgang Ernst, ProAudio Business Unit Manager.

The new variable noise reduction system makes CUSTOM a perfect travel companion. As opposed to traditional active noise cancelling headphones, CUSTOM headphones do not require batteries for the noise reduction system to work. On top of that, they isolate not only ambient noise coming from the environment, but also prevent annoying noise “spillage”. “For me, CUSTOM is the best alternative to traditional ANR headphones.” says Mario Gebhardt, R&D Audio Products Manager.

Another unique feature is the Custom Style System, as it lets users choose from hundreds of designs any time after the purchase. “Finally you can treat your headphones just like the clothes, shoes and accessories you are wearing. CUSTOM can be a different headphone every day. But more than this, you can be the designer yourself and create your own personal headphone.” says Thomas Halbgewachs, Head of Marketing and Product Management ProAudio.

But beyerdynamic goes a step further in terms of customization. Within seconds, CUSTOM can be turned into a professional headset, making it the perfect all-in-one solution for those who would also like to use their headphones for Skyping, gaming or recording Youtube clips - amongst many other applications.

“Beyerdynamic has the perfect answer to the web 2.0 society, as we make the user the headphone designer and sound engineer. Who knows, we might even speak about a new headphone 2.0 generation for the future...” says Wolfgang Luckhardt, Managing Director.

CUSTOM will be available from July 2012 at authorized resellers as well as www.beyerdynamic.com/custom. The product range will start under 200 EUR. Individual design kits will be from 10 Euro.

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With a pioneering spirit and the highest quality in demand, beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG in Heilbronn, Germany develops and produces first-class audio products. Even today, more than 80 years after the foundation of the company, headphones, microphones and conference systems are developed in Germany and mainly manufactured by hand. beyerdynamic is a leading brand in headphones and microphones, represented in more than 100 countries worldwide.