The versatile range of microphone units for the MCS-Digital wired conferencing system is to be expanded further with brand new integrated units featuring Revoluto technology. These units can be concealed in the table and opened out as required. This is made possible by the patented Revoluto technology, which removes the need for gooseneck microphones. Featuring a high quality Nextel® dark-black coating, the units of the MCS-D 38xx series can be integrated aesthetically into desktops of varying materials. If required, the cover can be finished with a special veneer to match the table surface, allowing the technology to be integrated discreetly in any conference table.

There is also a range of newly-designed space-saving microphone units for use with MCS-Digital. The MCS-D 30xx microphone units feature a practical folding gooseneck mechanism, which allows the microphone to be folded away and protected when it is not in use or is being transported. Both chairman and delegate units are available in different versions. The basic version has a microphone button, while the more advanced come with a language selector, display and function buttons to facilitate voting. The new unit replaces the MCS-D 2073 and further expands the range of microphones available for use with the system.

The Revoluto desktop microphone units of the MCS-D 31xx series are also presented in the new design of the MCS-Digital product family. Both series of the desktop microphone units are available with the connection at the bottom allowing an installation which avoids cables being visible.

MCS-Digital - fully digital wired conference system
The MCS-Digital is a fully digital, wired conference system for efficient meetings and conferences. The open system architecture allows assembling both simple conference and highly sophisticated parliament set-ups. The system comprises versatile standard microphone units, customised special solutions are however also possible. The NetRateBus with integrated functions such as foreign language transmission, camera control, voting and user-friendly operation via a PC or media control, administers a large number of stations, also in MultiSession mode, in which several conference rooms are used with only one control unit.



  • Product picture MCS-D 3873 – Revoluto built-in microphone unit
  • Product picture MCS-D 3073 – practical new folding gooseneck microphone unit
  • Product picture MCS-D 3171 (new design) – Revoluto desk top microphone unit