Headphone Amplifier for Demanding Music Lovers

Compact and dynamic: With the new A 20, beyerdynamic introduces a headphone amplifier in the 500 euro price range

Heilbronn/Germany, April 2013: Whether you’re sitting at your computer or relaxing in your living room, a good set of headphones requires a suitable partner in order to truly reach its ultimate sound potential. Using standard headphone outputs on PCs or CD players greatly reduces the quality of your acoustic experience.
The solution is the new A 20 headphone amplifier from beyerdynamic. It unleashes the sound potential of your headphones. Users of high-quality headphones such as the beyerdynamic
T 70, T90 or DT series benefit from greatly increased dynamics and precision.

The beyerdynamic A 20 – optimized audio in a compact format

Headphones come with different impedances between 16 and 600 ohm. Many headphone outputs on standard devices are not capable of delivering sufficient quality and output level, especially for headphones with higher impedances.
The result is a sound that is flat, dull and lifeless. The new beyerdynamic A 20 has special amplifier circuits that provide sufficient output for headphones with different levels of efficiency. They also ensure electrical control for high-ohm headphones, in order to keep the membranes under control even during intense dynamic peaks.
The A 20’s compact, high-quality aluminum housing is sleek and attractive. Without any visible screws or seams on the housing, the A 20 appears to be made of just one piece. Thanks to its integrated universal power supply (100 V to 240 V), the A 20 only requires a standard power cable.
Two supply cables for various regions are included, so the A 20 can be used nearly everywhere in the world. The A20 comes with analog stereo cinch inputs so it can be connected to the audio source. The looped-in cinch output provides a high level of flexibility and makes it possible to use the headphone amplifier in an existing chain between a CD player and amplifier without any sound loss.

The engineers at beyerdynamic have intentionally avoided integrating a digital/analog converter (DAC) in the A 20 and have instead focused on creating the best possible sound using an analog circuit. This means that the A 20 will maintain its value for longer, because digital components often have shorter development cycles and are therefore quickly outdated. Furthermore, the user has the freedom to choose which DAC he or she wants to use with the A20.

Twice the fun with a double output

The power amplifiers used in the A 20 provide enough power to operate two headphones at the same time. The A 20 is equipped with two 6.3 mm jack plugs so you can listen to music with a friend, or simply have an easy way to compare two different headphone models. Precise volume control with a high-quality Alps potentiometer makes it possible to precisely adjust the volume level and ensures a high level of channel synchronization, even at low volumes.

Professional technology for audiophiles

Only high-quality materials and top components are used in the A 20, which ensures durability and provides the best possible sound quality. A lot of what was learned when developing the beyerdynamic High-End Amplifier A 1 was used to design the new A 20. The A 20 has sufficient power reserves for the simultaneous, distortion-free operation of two headphones with up to 600 ohms of impedance. It is perfectly able to handle high levels and dynamic peaks.
The A 20 is also very simple to set up and operate. Just connect the high-level output of a source or a DAC to the cinch inputs, connect the headphones and the power cable to the amplifier, turn power on and enjoy.

The increase in sound quality is remarkable and even top-of-the-line headphones benefit from the advantages of the A 20. Thanks to its linear and low-distortion circuits, the user benefits from a significant increase in dynamics, openness and precision. The bass has noticeably more definition and substance, vocals and instruments sound more natural and have more spatial layering, the treble is less aggressive and has a more precise resolution. The A 20 has greater power reserves than traditional output levels, which means the overall playback is effortless and relaxed at any volume, which allows music lovers to listen to music for longer periods of time without straining their ears.

The A 20 from beyerdynamic is the perfect choice for all music lovers who want to get the best from their headphones.

The A 20 will be available from July 2013 on.

Sneak preview – The A 20 headphone amplifier at the High End trade fair in Munich/Germany

beyerdynamic will present the A 20 from May 9 to 12, 2013, at the High End trade fair in Munich in Hall 4, Booth G 03 / H 02.

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