Since 1924 the audio specialists at beyerdynamic have stood for technological leadership in the areas of headphones, microphones and conferencing technology. Originally founded in Berlin and with its headquarters now in Heilbronn, the company's roughly 300 employees are hard at work carrying on the legacy of company founder Eugen Beyer: the development and manufacture of products and solutions for audiophiles, demanding musicians and secure communication. The company remains as innovative as ever. Even while celebrative its 85th year of existence, beyerdynamic is introducing three forward-looking technologies intended to open up an even larger segment of the market.

Digital Adaptive Noise Reduction (DANR)
The HS 600 DANR 2.0 pilot headset with adaptive noise reduction is the latest premium product for the Aviation division. Active elimination of ambient noise is at this point a familiar feature. The HS 600 DANR is a different beast entirely: the world's only aviation headset with intelligent digital – not analogue – noise reduction, making it possible to orient the acoustic countermeasures to a specific target. That allows the wearer to filter out specific disruptive noises without affecting the overall sound. An intensive test phase and the experiences from years of research work flowed into the development of this new product. The success in implementing DANR technology into items like headphones means that it will also see application in other divisions as well.

EarPatron is a patented hearing protection technology for headphones intended to help safeguard customer's health. Unlike devices that simply limit the maximum volume, this technology focuses on the equivalent continuous sound pressure level, known as LEQ. It is the sum of sound waves in terms of duration and intensity to which the user is exposed, consciously or unconsciously. The "Patron" displays the "sound dose" to which the user has been exposed during the measurement period, preventing an overloading and damage of the hearing. EarPatron is currently being used in the SIS interpreting system and for the Headzone Pro XT surround headphone system. An application of the technology in the consumer headphone market is planned for the near future.

Tesla T 1 headphones
The T1 is the first model in a new generation of headphones, known as the Tesla headphones. The completely re-engineered sound transducers achieve values of over one Tesla—an extremely high power output. That is roughly double the strength of normal headphone transducer systems. The result: The membrane coil can be designed to be extremely filigree and nevertheless achieve a high degree of efficiency.  That helps the T1, the new top model in the beyerdynamic Premium Line, reproduce each nuance with extreme precision, with a sound that is absolutely transparent, spatially realistic and distortion-free.

"The company's capacity for innovation is a significant factor in how we expect to thrive in the market down the road," notes Wolfgang Luckhardt, the managing director at beyerdynamic. "Our years of know-how and experience in the daily application of our products among professions users form the foundation of our constant improvement of the technical properties, as well as our understanding of precisely what our customers want."

Back in 2003 beyerdynamic announced MANUFAKTUR, the world's first headphones build to reflect each user's individual combination of product characteristics like colour, materials and technical components. This concept was expanded in 2009 to include the Microphone MANUFACTUR and in-ear headphones tailored to the user's specific ear.

The company has also been active in the area of conference technology, turning heads in 2006 with the development of the Revoluto technology, a patented conference system using a row of carefully aligned microphones. That same year beyerdynamic expanded its product portfolio to include the Headzone products, surround sound headphones with excellent sound quality for music and TV production, home theatres and PC gaming.

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