Heilbronn, August 2010: Whether street wear, college style or full-on glamour – fashion-conscious buyers can be discerning when it comes to technology. Function alone is not enough; the products they buy also need to look good. Heilbronn-based audio specialist beyerdynamic has therefore answered the call and designed a collection of affordable in-ear headphones that will satisfy the aesthetic demands of modern music fans.

Available from September 2010, the new DTX 11 iE and DTX 21 iE headphones don’t just offer great audio quality - their elegant, colorful design and intricate details give each model an individual touch. And the price is so affordable that one can have several of the headphones, to match the current outfit.  

The DTX 11 iE model is supplied with distinctive clothes buttons on the cable, designed to complement the clothing of the user. As an added functional detail, the buttons strengthen the y-cable of the two headphone conductors, and can be pulled through the buttonhole of a jacket or coat to attach the cable of the headphones.

Depending on the version, the buttons and earpieces of the DTX 11 iE are available in a variety of colors - turquoise, green or purple. For those who prefer a little more understatement, there are also two versions in light and charcoal grey. All five versions of the DTX 11 iE conform to the consistent beyerdynamic virtues: to provide an open, natural and balanced sound.

Acoustically and visually, the DTX 21 iE has even more to offer. Powerful bass and open, clear highs pack a punch which is ideal for today’s variety of music styles. Two versions in beige and blackberry serve as mobile phone or MP3 accessories, with attractive beads that are lined up on the headphone cable like a necklace. Subtle designs on the earpieces add to the striking looks of the headphone.

The DTX 21 iE unisex model in dark brown replaces the beads on the cable with a pendant in the shape of a small guitar and adds subtle, stylized note designs on the earpieces; a look which is truly unique.
Available in September 2010 in the beyerdynamic online shop at www.beyerdynamic.com

Technical specifications

DTX 11 iEDTX 21 iE
Transducer typeDynamic Dynamic
Frequency range25 Hz – 20,000 Hz15 Hz – 20,000 Hz
Volume level16 Ohms16 Ohms
Cable1.2 m 1.2 m
ConnectorMini stereo jack plug 3.5 mmMini stereo jack plug 3.5 mm
Recommended retail price19.90 Euros29.90 Euros

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About beyerdynamic

Since the Eugen Beyer electrical engineering factory was founded in 1924, beyerdynamic has been synonymous with applied high technology in the professional audio electronics sector, Made in Germany. In its long history, the company with headquarters in Heilbronn has developed many groundbreaking products and new technologies: these include the DT48, the world’s first dynamic headphones, the E 1000 ribbon microphone that was used on the first Beatles tour in 1966 as well as the world’s first wireless conference system.

Currently the beyerdynamic product portfolio includes, in addition to microphones and headphones, headsets for TV commentators and pilots as well as conference systems and interpreter systems. Amongst the newest engineer references are products for 5.1 Surround Sound in high-tech headphones, wireless Revoluto technology in the conference sector that is unique worldwide, high-quality headsets with digital noise reduction, individually manufactured headphones for iPod fans as well as premium headphones with the newly-developed Tesla technology with which new technological and acoustic benchmarks are being set for high end hi-fi headphones.