The DX series earphones aimed for no less than setting new standards in its class. The DX 120 iE and the DX 160 iE reproduce a balanced sound without distortion, even at high sound pressure levels. For a perfect fit which is especially important when it comes to deep, accurate bass both models are supplied with silicone ear tips in five different sizes. There are also two pairs of flange pieces with soft plastic ribs to create an extra-secure fit in the ear. Additionally, the DX 160 iE features a pair of memory foam ear tips from leading manufacturer Comply. This guarantees optimal conditions for undisturbed music enjoyment of the highest quality. The positioning of a plug-in connector where the two earphone cables join provides an additional headphone socket for friends to “hook up” in an instant. With full metal enclosures made from anodized aluminum, both headphones are sturdy and sophisticated at the same time.

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