Now beyerdynamic combines the best sound with maximum operability. The new T 51 i, headset for frequent travellers and music-loving commuters, has a convenient smartphone remote control in its cable that controls the music playback. It features buttons for fast-forwarding and rewinding, as well as skipping from track to track, while music is playing. If someone calls, all you have to do is press a button to take the call and talk using the microphone in the remote control – whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone. The T 51 i is Apple-certified, so you can also control the volume with your iPod, iPhone and iPad models.

The T 51 i works exclusively with the Tesla transducer technology developed by beyerdynamic. This technology is known for its high level of efficiency. Smartphones, MP3 players and tablet PCs in particular obtained special power and precision of the music playback. In other words, this is the high-end headset “Made in Germany” that demanding music lovers have been waiting for.