Since 2002, the German actor Jan Josef Liefers has been responsible for law and order in the role of Karl-Friedrich Boerne, the investigating crime scene professor. Only few people know that the native of Dresden in addition to his TV activities but also is a successful bandleader. On 7th June, he and his band Radio Doria gave a concert in Bad Hersfeld. More than 1,000 people have been listening to the sounds of the band in this magnificent ruin. On stage the following equipment was used:

Bass Drum: TG D70d
Snare: TG D50d
Overheads: M160
Toms: TG D57c
Vocals: TG 1000 digital wireless system, handheld with interchangeable capsule TG V96w and TG V50d
Gitars: TG 1000 digital wireless system
Bass: M88 TG