The opening of the 2014/2015 theatre season presented Konzert Theater Bern with a challenge, because the theatre’s usual spaces had been undergoing renovation since the beginning of the year. But the actors in Peter Grimes didn’t seem stressed about moving house or working in unknown territory. Quite the contrary: since the première on 8 June 2014, they have given a total of five magnificent performances of the English opera. This time, it was performed in the middle of the capital, in the “Great Hall” of the Reitschule cultural centre.

The prologue and three following acts of this opera by English composer Benjamin Britten (1913–1976) tell the story of protagonist Peter Grimes, as well as the history of a fishing village on the east coast of England. The piece primarily revolves around the fears and hardships faced by the residents of “The Borough”. Although the story of this provincial drama suggests to the viewers from the beginning on that there is no place for a happy ending, the village’s rumour mill still keeps the tension high throughout the entire opera.

In a play with so much plotting and scheming, it is particularly important that the audience not misunderstand a single word. Brilliant acoustics without trade-offs are essential, and they start with the right microphone. As a sponsor, beyerdynamic provided the necessary microphones and used the TG 1000 digital wireless system. A total of 30 radio links were used in Konzert Theater Bern. The TG 1000 wireless system was primarily used in combination with TG 1000 beltpack transmitters equipped with lavalier microphones.  The compact clip-on microphones ensure optimal speech intelligibility and can be inconspicuously attached to a costume. This also means that the actors have their hands free on stage for maximum freedom of movement.


Equipment for Peter Grimes:

A total of 30 TG 1000 links
26x TG 1000 bodypack transmitters with
26x L55c clip-on microphones
4x TG 1000 handheld transmitters with
4x TG V96w interchangeable microphone capsules