Quinta TB
Wireless Boundary Microphone

  • Due to different operating modes the new boundary microphones are flexible in use.
  • In Microphone Mode the Quinta TB behaves like a microphone; in the Conference Mode it acts like a delegate microphone unit.
  • The microphones can be operated with the fully equipped Quinta CU or the new Quinta RS, which has been optimised for small meetings and video conferences at an attractive price-performance ratio.
  • www.beyerdynamic.com/quinta

Conference Software

  • The new software extends the functions of the Orbis conference system
  • Module 1: Configuration and control
  • Module 2: Camera control and local recording
  • Module 3: Web casting interface
  • www.beyerdynamic.com/orbis

TG 500
Wireless System

  • The new versatile system with several frequency bands enables installations with a maximum of 72 channels.
  • The transmitters are provided with charging contacts and can be powered with standard alkaline or rechargeable batteries.
  • Due to the Mixed Output function, a mixing console is not required to combine the two audio channels of the dual receiver to a physical output.
  • www.beyerdynamic.com/tg500

TG 1000 – New Components
Digital Wireless System

  • The new TG 1000 receiver with digital RJ 45 outputs for the IP-based Dante Audio network enables simple integration into audio networks reducing installation costs and work.
  • The TG MM1w measurement microphone head for the TG 1000 handheld transmitter with an almost linear frequency response enables wireless measuring of electro-acoustic and PA systems.
  • www.beyerdynamic.com/tg1000