Whether you are recording, mixing, monitoring or mastering, whether for studio or live use – the beyerdynamic DT 1770 PRO is the perfect solution for professional users who demand maximum quality. The new headphones are clearly positioned as a new premium model in the range of professional beyerdynamic headphones and are the evolution of the studio legend DT 770 PRO.

The Tesla 2.0 drivers are a part of the outstanding features of the closed 250 ohm headphones. These drivers, which are being used in professional studio headphones for the first time, ensure significantly enhanced performance and accuracy.

They offer maximum efficiency and ensure precise, completely distortion-free sound quality with the finest resolution and impressive spatial properties even at very powerful output levels. The DT 1770 PRO are the ideal headphones for live acts as the extremely high efficiency drivers assure a perfect listening experience in the loudest environments. A triple-layer compound membrane allows a previously unknown level of brilliance in the reproduction of overtones, as well as thoroughly impressive bass reproduction.

In addition to its sound, the new DT 1770 PRO offers an attractive design. They reflect the heritage of the legendary DT 770 PRO, while numerous details add fresh accents. High-quality accessories are part of the basic version – the coiled cable and the straight cable (both included) are single-sided and securely attached to a lockable Mini XLR connector. A hard case can protect the headphones and accessories during storage or transportation.

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