From 5 to 10 September 2014, Berlin once again hosted the world’s largest trade fair for entertainment electronics. The IFA has now been held 54 times, and the number of visitors has grown steadily in the past few years.  More than 1,500 companies from 32 countries showed more new products in Berlin than ever before. beyerdynamic was also represented with its own booth at the fair.

This year, not only the headphones segment but also one microphone in particular really drew a crowd at the booth: the MCE 85. This shotgun microphone is available in two versions – battery-powered and phantom-powered – both of which visitors to the beyerdynamic booth could take a close look at.  A Panasonic GH 4 served as an authentic example of an application with the MCE 85 BA, and, once the beyerdynamic DT 1350 was added to the equation, nothing more stood in the way of a live test. The test set-up was highly impressive thanks to the microphone’s outstanding directivity. The special design effectively suppresses background noise from the side or behind. The audio recording can be precisely directed at what is going on in front of the camera: an effect that was very clearly demonstrated in the noisy hustle and bustle of the IFA.

The MCE 85 is ideal for all applications from high-quality documentaries to simple videos for a YouTube channel, and despite the attractive pricing, it’s “Made in Germany”.  No wonder that the shotgun microphone from beyerdynamic was such a big hit.

But beyerdynamic wasn’t just represented at its own booth. Equipment from the audio specialists from Heilbronn, Germany, was particularly apparent among professional users at the fair.  One of our classics, the DT-109 headphones, was used in a news channel’s live recordings, for example. These headphones have already been a staple for broadcasting and intercom applications for years now.



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