Hear and be heard perfectly. The new iDX series in-ear headsets are engineered for exactly that. Flawless hi-fi sound matches the premium-quality hands-free microphone integrated into the cable, which allows you to make calls, to skype and to play online games with exceptional audio quality.

The iDX 120 iE and iDX 160 iE headsets offer the same sound quality as the existing iDX in-ear headphone series, which already has a dramatically improved bass reproduction and leave more room for the low notes. The top model iDX 160 iE/DX 160 iE, with its enhanced frequency response, sounds balanced and bright due to its ability to reproduce sounds from the treble range in finer detail.

Both models have a remote control integrated into the cable, enabling you to control music playback from your smartphone or tablet; for fast-forwarding and rewinding, as well as skipping from track to track, while music is playing. If someone calls, all you have to do is press the button to take the call – whether you have an Android or Windows smartphone or an iPhone. They are Apple-certified, so you can also control the volume with your iPod, iPhone and iPad models.

Both models are supplied with silicone ear tips in five different sizes. The iDX 160 iE features a pair of memory foam ear tips from the leading manufacturer Comply™. They adapt to the shape of your ear canal and form a comfortable and reliable seal; keeping unwanted ambient noise out. And if anything should go missing, that is not a problem: all components are available as spare parts, from the carry case, to the ear tips and interchangeable extension cables.


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